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Helping seniors maximize their technologies' utlities and connect them to the world using college student teaching.

Create memories and share them

Participants love to share stories and modern technology makes it easier than ever before.

It's Never to Late too Learn

Our lessons cover topics ranging from google earth to keyboard shortcuts to Facebook setup.


We are Computer Comfort

It's never too late to learn.
Why choose Us?

What We Do.Making Participants Happy

We provide technology tutoring sessions at college campuses across the country. Designed and led by students, the classes support a curriculum designed to teach seniors applicable tech skills as well as troubleshoot individual complications.

Why choose Us?

How We Structure It. How It Happens

Each session begins with an introduction to our curriculum for the day. Every session is topical and based directly on feedback from participants. We close each class with help time where students work indiviudally with seniors.

Why choose Us?

An Opportunity.A Chance for Students to Give Back

Computer Comfort provides an opportunity for college students to take a leadership role in their community. We are a student run organization that helps people passionate about technology, community service, teaching, and communication.

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Computers, Phones, Tablets, Cameras

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Washington University in St. Louis

Staff Advisor
Analisa Ortiz: analisaortiz@wustl.edu

University of Iowa

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"It's never too late to learn."

An Opportunity to Get Inolved

Calling College Students

Minimal Experience Required

This is a chance to make an impact simply by sharing your knowledge of basic computer skills.


The national staff is here to support you every step of the way. Together, we can build a consistent and long-lived program.

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Computer Comfort is picking up attention from media outlets across the globe. Be a part of something big.

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